The Daily Thumbprint Collection release on Kickstarter is using Tunepatch to deliver digital copies of the new album with each merchandise reward.

Stencils is the new release by the recording project known as Daily Thumbprint Collection. The release is taking advantage of on demand printing, and will only be manufacturing items as rewards for contributions to this Kickstarter campaign. This allows the project to produce a diverse reward portfolio without financially fronting any costs. The campaign is live now, and will conclude July 19, 2015.


Daily Thumbprint Collection, Stencils album products


About Daily Thumbprint Collection
Daily Thumbprint Collection is a recording project by Caleb Dolister. The music is composed using software, and then revised to record select parts with live instrumentation. The songs typically center around heavy rhythmic themes, while subtly exploring melody and harmony as combinations of sonic texture. The result is synthetically-human, a bit moody, but also driving and really cool.