What is Tunepatch?

Tunepatch makes it easy for bands, promoters, or record labels to create QR codes that give fans instant access to music. Each QR code, or "Patch," allows fans to instantly connect and listen or download your music. Creating a Patch is easy. You simply upload your MP3 files, and we create a unique QR code that you can print directly on merchandise items like clothing, stickers, and more, or add to promotional materials like posters, flyers, or business cards.
Will Tunepatch affect album sales for my band?

The basic idea of Tunepatch is to give people instant access to your music. How you use it may affect sales. Tunepatch can be used to either replace physical albums, enhance them, or promote albums or band products. Each Patch is setup to optionally display links to iTunes and Amazon.com content. Entering information into these fields is entirely optional, so you can leave it blank. Here's an example for using Tunepatch to promote an album:

  1. Upload the single to Tunepatch
  2. Enter product links for iTunes or Amazon.com products
  3. When someone downloads your music, Tunepatch automatically displays links suggesting where to purchase your album or products
Why did you make Tunepatch? What problem(s) does it address?

Here are a couple points to ponder:

  • Physical albums are declining in popularity as more users switch to digital downloads and streaming. Even at live shows, it's becoming less common for fans to buy albums. The usual excuse is something along the lines of "I'll look for it online." The problem is that people often forget to look your band up, forget what your band was called, or maybe they simply change their mind.
  • A physical album is its own marketing tool. Think about the time we all spent inside record stores, looking at album artwork, and reading the track list on the backs while checking it out at the listening station, or going to a friend's house and going through their collection? That was a huge part of discovering new music that doesn't exist when modern music fans discover music online.
  • Many modern laptops are being shipped WITHOUT a CD/DVD drive, and more and more car radios are converting to Bluetooth or aux input jacks. That means either you count on streaming services, or you need a new way to deliver your music to fans.
  • Digital Streaming is an efficient way to gain your band exposure. The problem is that it doesn't earn real money for anyone that actually creates music. Streaming sites make money, distributors make money, labels make some money, but bands are lucky to make a couple hundred dollars per year. It's still valuable because potential fans get to check out your music with no risk of purchasing something that they end up not liking; but services like Spotify and Pandora don't return enough money to be a viable form of income for the musicians that make the music.
  • Digital Downloads (as sales) are a much more effective way to earn money from music. Unfortunately, you really need to have a large pre-established fanbase in order to sell large volumes. The problem is that not many people are willing to spend money on an unknown album. Most people only buy after they hear it on the radio or through a streaming service - and if it's already streaming, why bother buying it?

It's hard to sell physical copies of albums - and that means they are not the promotional tool that they used to be. Aside from exposure, it barely pays anything to put your album on streaming sites. And, most likely, only existing fans are going to be willing to pay for a download of your album.

Part of the reason physical albums were so successful is that they were necessary. Unfortunately, that's no longer the case. Instead, Tunepatch allows bands to change their approach, and make things that people want to buy and then reward them by letting them download music.

How does Tunepatch help?

Merch items like shirts, hats, stickers, etc will always sell, and they will always be viable promotional tools. They are useful items that people like to buy, and Tunepatch makes them more powerful by turning them into digital download hotspots for fans and their friends.

What happens if someone uploads music that infringes on copyrights?
Copyright laws are very serious. The goal with Tunepatch is to build a website full of awesome tools for musicians, bands, and labels to grow their fanbase and reward fans for buying merch. Tunepatch can't do that if people abuse the site and infringe on copyrights, or attempt to distribute music that is not their own. If you come across content that someone has uploaded that they clearly do not own, please expose them and action will immediatelybe taken.

Fees and Cost

What does it cost to distribute music on Tunepatch?
At this time, Tunepatch is 100% free. Additional or enhanced features may be offered for a fee in the future.
Can I charge users to download my music from Tunepatch?
No. Tunepatch does not collect money from sales or distribution of music. Tunepatch is only meant to be used as a promotional tool, not as a merchant or online store for music sales. However, Tunepatch does provide the option for you to promote and sell your albums or products. Each "Patch" may contain links to your iTunes or Amazon.com album pages. Additionally, you can (and should) print your Patch on physical merchandise that you sell at concerts like tshirts, posters, or stickers.
Does Tunepatch charge a percentage fee if my band sells physical merchandise containing a QR code generated by Tunepatch?
Nope. You can print the QR code linked to your Patch on anything you want, and keep 100% of your profits.